What to expect

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In your first session (approx. 75 minutes), I will ask about your current issues, previous medical history and general questions about your lifestyle.  You will have around 45-60 minutes of Shiatsu treatment depending on your needs.


Please wear comfortable clothing.  Shiatsu is given fully clothed, which means you can relax and stay warm and comfortable during the treatment.


Following the treatment please drink plenty of water and if possible allow some time for yourself to ensure that you get maximum benefit from the shiatsu treatment. 

Some people can feel some slight muscle ache and tiredness following the treatment.  This should only last a few hours and this feeling should get less. 

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Shiatsu therapy session € 90,00 

Shiatsu therapy session on location € 120,00 excl. travel time


Corporate clients… 
For my corporate clients:  What are you doing to help your employees stay physically and mentally fit?  I am happy to travel and treat your employees on location against a special corporate rate.   Or perhaps you can give your employees a gift voucher. Contact me to discuss the possibilities.